How to Clear Your Browser Cache

What is a Cache?

In order to speed up the display of websites you regularly visit, your browser will store things like images, CSS stylesheets and Javascript files locally in your browser, so when you come back to the website again, it doesn’t have to re-load those resources, making your browsing experience faster.

The downside – especially when you’re working with a web developer, is that sometimes you’ll be reviewing a site with updates, but you won’t see them. Clearing your cache is the best way to view the latest version of a page and all updates to styles and scripts.

How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache

Click below for instructions on how to clear the cache on your specific browser.

Other Methods

Using Private Browsing/Incognito Mode

Private Browsing/Incognito ModeUsing the Private Browsing or Incognito Mode of your browser is a good way to view a page without your browser’s cache.

Employing Browser Extensions

Our favorite way to view pages without having to clear your cache manually, or use Private Browsing or Incognito mode is an extension for Google Chrome called “Classic Cache Killer” – it installs in your browser, with a simple button that can be easily toggled on or off, and will force the page to be loaded without your cache every time.