Web Design & Development Services

Websites have evolved – they’re not just pictures and text anymore – they’re connected to external systems that support commerce, analytics, event registration, marketing and more. We make sure you’re connected with Google Business, Analytics, and Search Console to boost and measure your web traffic. And Can provide basic video shooting and editing for social media and training videos, and handle infographics, email templates, and print projects of any size to ensure your branding stays consistent across all channels.

Standards Come Standard

When it comes to building a new website, we think you shouldn’t have to pay extra for industry standards. Every site we build gets a robust set of functionalities to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Web Design & Development

Web Development Designing a Website

E-Commerce & Automation

White Label Design & Development

We work with agencies and freelance graphic designers to produce beautiful, functional websites for their clients. It’s a great way to handle overflow work or provide services you don’t offer to your customers.

Website Hosting Options

Bring Your Own

Already have a hosting plan somewhere? We can work with that. We can build out your new site in a staging area and migrate it to your server when it’s ready to go live. Most hosting companies support WordPress nowadays.

Website Hosting

Use Our Hosting Service

Don’t want the headache? We offer Premium Managed WordPress Hosting from Kinsta, it’s crazy fast, and secure like fort knox. You get daily backups, free SSL certificates, and choice of data centers all for one low annual fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fairly simple, non-ecommerce website typically costs between $2,000 and $4,000. Websites with a lot of pages and content, e-commerce functionality, or advanced integrations needed could run $5,000 to $10,000 or more. Contact us to get a free no-hassle quote.

We offer low-cost, premium website hosting with nightly backups, SSL certificates and even Cloudflare firewall, but some of our clients like to use their own hosting platform – the choice is really up to you.

We are a full-service design and development agency. We can design your logo and branding for your business, then apply it to your website. 

Nope, we even recommend you maintain ownership of your domain name registration. We can walk you through the process of updating DNS records, or we can login with your credentials and make the changes on your behalf. 

Yes, you’ll be given full administrative access to your entire site, and SFTP access if you so desire. It’s your site, and you’re free to edit it yourself without having to pay us to make simple updates. We’re always available for ongoing updates and maintenance if you need it.

More than likely, send us what you’ve got to info@greenvillewebworks.com. We have lower overhead than the downtown agencies, which translates into lower prices for you. 

Yes, once paid in full, your website is your intellectual property, you are under no obligation to host with us, and can migrate it to another host if you prefer. 

Questions? Ready to get started?