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Simple, Cheap Digital Signage

By Tech, Web Design

With the Holiday’s Just around the corner, large televisions are plentiful, and available on the cheap. I’ve seen 32″ Models going for as little as $149 and 42″ models going for as little as $199. Pair it up with an old computer – in my case, an old mac mini – and you’ve got yourself the basic ingredients for a powerful networked digital display for probably less than you’d spend on a couple color vinyl banners or full-color posters.

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The Importance of Abstraction

By Web Design

Without much thought, we’ve effectively abstracted the stream of thought into the medium of our choice. Nobody needs to know that the article was originally written for print, or for a computer, or for a tablet, and nobody cares. The information comes through, whatever channel the consumer chooses. It’s simplicity is almost stupid, and it’s reach is unparalleled.

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